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Smile Outreach   :)

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 Please Note:
In NO WAY is Smile Outreach-Affiliated, Associated, Fund Raising, Collecting Donations, Soliciting Money, Raising Funds or Acting on the Behalf of ANY Organization...

Our Current Missions

Homeless Shelters

Pacific Gardens Chicago Il.

Phoenix Rescue Mission

It's not our Job, It's OUR Mission - It's What we love to do~ 
We Help Individuals and Families anyway our financial and physical sources allow.
We help Feed and Clothe the Hungry - Homeless Shelters, families and individuals.
We Strongly Support Teen ~ Youth ministry
We love to Outreach any way we can, especially spiritually- Smile Outreach
(2) Children's homes - Monthly Birthday greetings and small gifts to each birthday child if possible

  ​Future Mission in prayer~

Please help - Please donate      


Help us donate happy, healthy,

safe cheap homes to families struggling and living in dangerous situations. 

  • Smile Outreach
  • Children's Homes
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Spiritual Outreach Mailing

We have simple rules around here:

trust God with your heart and especially with your life ~ 

Prayer First ~Always

Always remember three things:

  • You are never alone
  • Someone needs you
  • Jesus loves you with all His heart

Ask Jesus to put a song in your heart~

Work hard ~ Play nice ~ Take time to smile ~

Never forget to give God the glory.

Always remember- Smiles can lead to great friendships.

Try to hug someone everyday. 

Sunshine Acres Children's Home Higley Rd. Mesa AZ..

Connie Maxwell Children's home
Greenville, SC.

Free Mustard Seed Pendant Any Donation $5.00 or more

Smile Outreach is an Outreach Mission
acting solely on the behalf of Smile Outreach.
We are not a nonprofit organization at this time. Our outreach fund raising consists of our own products we make, buy and use to raise donations for our missions. 
or asks for donations for our own personal missions... NOT ON THE BEHALF OF ANYONE- Or Any ORGANIZATION-

Future Mission in prayer~

Prayer list