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Free Mustard Seed Pendant Any Donation $10.00 or more

Smile Outreach Mailing

Helping individuals and Families 

One at a Time

It's absolutely possibly to change

or save a life with nothing more than a Free Smile, and an outreach letter of hope -
  for the price of a stamp? 

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 Please Note:
In NO WAY is Smile Outreach-

Affiliated, Associated,

Soliciting Money, Raising Funds 

or Acting on the Behalf of

ANY Organization whatsoever...

Smile Outreach is an Outreach Mission
acting solely on the behalf of Smile Outreach.
We are not a nonprofit status organization yet!
our outreach fund raises our own products
or asks for donations for our own personal missions... NOT ON THE BEHALF OF ANYONE- Or Any ORGANIZATION-

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~ It's not Our Job, It's Our Mission ~

         What we love to do  

Spiritual Outreach - Smile Outreach

Support 2 Children's homes-Connie Maxell-Sunshine Acres 

We send Birthday greetings and small gifts

Help Individuals and Families

Feed and Clothe the Hungry

Support Teen Youth ministry


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If you received a letter from us, Thank God, Now you know what we do, and why we do it. If you have not, as of yet, received a letter from us, I'm sorry, I apologize... We will get to your area soon..
Praise God, How ever you got here, God Bless you.  

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